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Rigsup has partnered with top manufacturers in the U.S, Europe, China & India to deliver high quality equipment and spare parts. Providing quality products you can depend on and continued service throughout the life of your projects is our expertise. We are proud to proclaim that all of our partners share these same values and commitment towards the end user. read more…


Rigsup’s best assets are our people. Our knowledgeable team of oil industry professionals are skilled in all aspects of logistics, procurement, marketing, sales and after sales management, and have many years experience in a diverse range of cultures and languages. Where there is a need throughout the world for oilfield equipment or replacement parts, we have the expertise to assess, procure and deliver.


Rigsup provides high quality drilling equipment and spare parts from top manufacturers in around the world. Technical Support is always available on all products purchased. ( Complete Rig Packages / Capital Drilling Equipment / Pipe Handling Equipment / Spare Parts & Auxiliary Items )


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