About Us

Rigsup Supply & Services Inc. is a privately held corporation headquartered in Damascus, Syria.
Rigsup is a full service sales organization, specializing in providing upstream oilfield equipment and replacement parts to end users and representation services to a select number of quality oilfield manufacturing companies.
We provide local market support and expertise through branch offices located in most of Syria’s cities.

  • What we do: Rigsup provides a Dynamic and response oriented competitive source for high quality equipment, services and replacement parts for the oilfield and energy industries.We provide a reliable source for drilling equipment, production equipment, well control equipment, work-over equipment, well servicing equipment, personal support systems and general supplies for maintenance, repair and operations.
  • Representation: Rigsup provides our principals and partners professional representation services to enable them to effectively penetrate and sustain new markets.We exclusively represent many major quality oilfield equipment manufacturers who all share our values to provide quality product and services while providing total commitment to our customer base.
    We aggressively pursue contracts that further the penetration of our partner’s products in a given market, while ensuring value and excellence to our customers.
  • Distribution: Rigsup acts as a distributor of oilfield equipment and replacement parts in select markets.We strive to provide our principals and end users alike with new opportunities and up to date industry innovations, adding value to their daily operations. We strive to pursue our desire for excellence by providing In country support and long-term commitments to our markets.
  • Our Expertise:
    Rigsup’s best assets are our people.

    Our knowledgeable team of oil industry professionals are skilled in all aspects of logistics, procurement, marketing, sales and after sales management, and have many years experience in a diverse range of cultures and languages.Where there is a need throughout the world for oilfield equipment or replacement parts, we have the expertise to assess, procure and deliver.
  • Our Values:
    1. Provide High Quality Products & Services.
    2. Commit to excellence in everything we do.
    3. Maintain integrity in dealing with our customers and principals.
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